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Random Images

We don't always have a camera handy to take photos of our work, but here are a few images of some custom jobs we have done in the past.

Hiding the engne bay wiring in an HR Holden with a blown 350 Chev.

Making a power distribution centre for a Mustang.

Injected 5L Holden into a sigma. Wiring this in was a breeze.

Amplifier Box built and covered in white vinyl, with two 120mm PC fans.

Before, During and After

Here are a few before and after shots. Note, Not all of the jobs in these photos were completely finished. Sometimes photos are the last thing on your mind when finishing big jobs like some of these!

VL Calais. Someone else had a go at moving the fuse/relay box inside the car. They made a horrible mess of it.


I had to seperate all the old wiring out, remove all the old relays etc and make a new distibution setup to fit in a small space.

Almost finished.

RX3 Engine bay tidy up. Running main looms while the guards were off being painted.

Almost finised. A couple of things could not be hidden, but 95% was.

Another angle.


Sneaking the battery cable out of the car to the starter motor via a battery feed stud mounted in the trans hump.

Power Distibution setup in the RX3.

1966 Mustang Full Ground Up Rewire - Before

Building the loom inside.

Building the custom relay, fuse and power distribution panel. I had to make this busbar myself as I could not find anything at the time to fit in the space provided.

Building the loom inside - a bit more progress.


Engine bay wiring all hidden from view. The owner removed the rusty battery tray afterwards.

EB V8 with power supply issues - Before



Relays moved to under the coolant header tank from beside the battery.

Circuit breaker for the stereo and t-piece for the starter cable

We fitted a fusible link block out of an EF Falcon to replace the dodgy fusible link wire.

Almost finised product.

Messy amplifier wiring

Much better now.

Splitting the loom before hiding it.

Loom now run through the inner guard.