About us

JS Custom Wiring was established in 2014 with the aim of being a one stop shop for all you custom wiring needs.

We have over 15 years experience in Auto Electrical and custom wiring, from general auto electrical, Trucking, Earth Moving and Agricultural, 4x4, Caravan and Camping through to Performance and Racing.

We have also started a program sourcing harness connectors to suit various vehicles and applications. It is generally impossible to get a connector through a dealership spare parts department, unless you want to buy a whole loom. This can be very costly, with long lead times if they can even supply them any more.

We have sources all around the globe for a huge range of connectors for many different applications. Most are OE connectors, however sometimes OE are just not possible to get as they are either out of production or very tightly tied to the vehicle companies. We have quality aftermarket sources for a lot of these.

We only use quality components in all our work, From connectors, to wire, to tubings and tapes, from start to finish.