Services We Provide

Web Store is now open. It is not the full range of products we carry at present, we are adding new products to the store on a daily basis.

Custom Loom Design and Manufacture. We can custom design and make most automotive electrical and low voltage DC looms for most applications. We use OE connectors where ever possible, as well as correctly specified and rated cables, tubings and tapes.

Ground Up Rewires* are another specialty of ours. All wiring is replaced where physically possible with high quality Australian Made 100% Copper cable. When rewiring older cars, we like to upgrade a lot of the electrical systems to incorporate relays into the circuits, to help take a bit of load of the old switches. This also ensures a full clean source of power to the accessory. * Canberra region Only.

Hidden Wiring. We also hide all engine bay wiring where ever possible. Sometimes it isn't possible to hide absolutely everything, but we can come pretty close.

Loom Repairs and modifications. We can repair most damaged looms and return them to original spec. We can also modify looms to add extra circuits for accessories etc.

Conversion Harnesses. We are working on conversion harnesses for popular engine conversions. We can however make one to suit your needs at any time.

Connector Sourcing. We are starting to source hard to find connectors in small volumes, as these are generally not available through dealerships. We have sources all over the globe, and are rapidly expanding our contacts and range of connectors.

Ford EEC Flashing services*. You now no longer need an expansion chip to reflash your EEC-V ECU. We can also disable Fords Smart Shield security so you can use the ECU for engine conversions in other vehicles. * This is done off-site